Audio is finished too early

Hello from Germany,

I have a video from different clips with crossfades on one video track.
Before this video starts, there is a start image.
On the audio track is a song, which starts with the video and also runs in the timeline until the end of the video (with fade-out).

But after the export the song ends (with fade-out!) 24 seconds before the end of the video.
The Video is published on Facebook:

I use a I5 with windows 10.

Thank you!

When I listen closely to the music, I think I can hear places where the music seems to skip ahead. Maybe Shotcut is having trouble with your audio clip. As a test, you could try to convert the audio clip.

In Shotcut, Click on the audio clip. Then, go to the Properties panel. Click on the “Convert…” button. You can choose the any of the quality options - it should not matter. After the conversion job completes, try to export again and see if it is better.

Thanks for the quick reply.
That could indeed be, because when I play the project, the audio always buzzes during the crossfades in the video.

I will try it, thanks.

Hello Brian,
the conversion makes no difference.
But as for the “hum”:
I have 12 fades x 2 sec… so 24 seconds total, so exactly the missing audio time.

I have the audio as mp3 from Pixabay.



Hi Brian,
maybe I have a hardware problem??

I took another mp4 and a mp3 song from my own music storage.

Same behavior.
During cross-fading the music buzzes and the position indicator jerks.

A tout hasard, il faudrait peut-être couper le son de la piste V1 pour n’entendre que A1 ?

By any chance, maybe you should mute the V1 track to hear only A1?


Thanks for your suggestion!

Can you try again with yesterday’s latest release? I made a fix for clips with no audio.

I did and it became better but the problem is still there.
Did you know about this problem before?
Otherwise I could send you a link to download the project from my cloud storage.

Yes. Please send me the project.

Sorry, but I must have deleted it and as I use another file explorer, it’s not in my recycle bin.

Anyhow, I created another testing project but converted the video first.
Now it works…so far:-)

In my other project I did it later, so perhaps that caused the problems.

Thank you for your help

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