Audio - Gain/Volume filter to several clips

Is there a way to add filter “gain/volume” to several clips on the timeline at once? I tried control A to select all the clips and it looks like it selects all the clips but only the first clip volume has been increased. If I put the cursor in the other clips I can add the gain/volume preset from the filter, just figured select all would add to all.

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You can copy the filter and paste in on the rest of the clips.

The copy and paste button are present at the bottom of the filters panel.

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You can’t select multiple clips (or all clips with Ctrl+A) on the Timeline and apply a filter to all of them at once.

You need to use a method like the one explained above by @Somenath_Garai

But there are cases when you can apply a filter to multiple clips at once:

  • You can add a filter (in your case Gain/volume) to the Output of the Timeline.
    This will apply the filter TO ALL the clips in the Timeline (On all tracks)

  • Or, you can add the filter to the Header of a single track.
    This will apply the filter TO ALL the clips on that track.

In both cases, a funnel shaped icon will be displayed in the Output or in the track Header after you apply one or more filter(s).


Thank you!

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