Audio filters not saving after 2309 upgrade

I have just upgraded to version 2309, and using in Mint 21.2

I routinely apply audio filters ( high pass and gain) to GoPro foootage (MP4), to reduce wind noise and then amplify remaining audio ( e.g radio transmissions ). In the past I have applied these to a whole file ( typically 30 mins or more) and then started editing it down to clips I need. This saves repeatedly adding the filters to small clips.

I have just upgraded to Shotcut 2309, and found that these filters are not being saved. When I started to edit a clip, they were retained on the first part of the clip, but on the remainder, the filters were still in place but had reset to their default values, and had to be reset to required levels. After doing this resetting, and been satisfied hat all clips had the correct settings, I saved and exited. I have now just reopened the saved .mlt file and found that all clips now show these filters are applied, but they have reset to the default value.

Any ideas as to what is causing this, and how to rectify ?


I also run Mint 21.2. If I create a new project using 23.09, I am not able to reproduce this problem with the gain or high pass filter. However, I have not tested taking a project made by an earlier version of Shotcut and opening it in 23.09. Does the problem only happen when working with older project files?

Thanks Austin - that may be the issue - the original .mlt was created in previous Shotcut version. .

I will create a fresh project and see what happens !

I have now determined that the same issue occurs when created entirely within Shotcut 2309, and also if I apply the filters yo the whole track.
The correct settings remain as long as I keep Shotcut open. If I save and then carry on, the filter settings remain, but if I save, close and then re-open then the filter settings are lost. Other filters ( simple Text, video fade ) are not affected. It seems to be only filters which have a setting within them - its the setting which isnt being retained.

I do not reproduce it.

It seems to be only filters which have a setting within them - its the setting which isnt being retained.

Which “setting” of which filter?
I tested Band Pass with no problem. In the below 3 of the 4 parameters are not their defaults; only Rolloff rate is unchanged:

Have uninstalled/ reinstalled and now all seems OK. Something must have got corrupted in the auto - update process

Thanks for your help

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