Audio filter "Panning"

I have problems to use the panning filter for audio tracks.
I try to make a left to right and right to left effect but the results are not that what I want. Plus, switching the “Left” Button to “Right” it goes back to “Left” setting and sometimes new keyframe-points were set somewhere.

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+1 on this. I think the current system is a bit hard to use and not as simple as just moving a slider from left to right.

But there are sliders. :wink:

oh yea I just checked. I just remembered there being a thing where you could only choose specifically left or right from a drop down menu but nvm, I stand corrected. lol

I am rejecting this as a suggestion. Use Balance if this is what you are seeking. Pan is specifically designed to pan a single channel. The problem with the channel drop-down resetting upon reloading the filter UI will be fixed in the next version.

Thank you very much!
I try to use balance with keyframes.