Audio File Not Consistantly Starting from Beginning

Hi - I am a brand new user (seriously new :-D). Thank you for this software. I used Moviemaker previously. I’ve started watching the tutorials, and am practicing by recreating the opening sequence of my video podcast.

I have an audio file that I created in Audacity. I’ve added it down on the bottom as the audio track under the stills that make up the beginning sequence.

Occasionally the audio will start at the beginning - but nine times out of 10, it jumps to about half a second in, which is wrecking the music. I’ve removed the track and re-added it. but that doesn’t seem to help.

Can anyone advise on this or point me to something I’ve missed? I’m such a n00b that I’m probably missing something very simple, but that it occasionally plays correctly but most of the time doesn’t, has me flummoxed.

Many thanks,

Annie :slight_smile:

This has been addressed already here Play button starts video 1 second after playhead position

If this is what it looks like in Shotcut


then there is no problem. This has been happening pretty consistently for me since a few versions back. It sometimes happens in the latest version as well.

This will not affect the video when you export

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Sauron, thank you very much. I didn’t see that this had been covered already, so I doubly appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me and also reassure me that it won’t affect my eventual export. :slightly_smiling_face: I feel like I can go back now and get the timings perfect now. Thanks again!

This should never be an issue if you use the keyboard’s ‘HOME’ key to rewind to the start rather than dragging the playhead.
At least it’s not for me :slight_smile:


This sometimes happens when I open a saved project. I always use the keyboard as much as possible.

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Thanks, Steve_Ledger and Sauron. I have tried this, but it doesn’t seem to help for me. But it does start correctly the first time I open the clip, so I’m hopeful that all is well with it :slight_smile: