Audio Fade in/out options

Is it postble to expand the option in the Audio Fade in/out filter, to also to set the volume level you are fading from/to (not only completely/zero). This would sholud give us better volume/sound transission between audio clips.

You can do so doubling the audio part. The first lower to zero.
The second starts when the sound of the first is at half. It max sound is 1/2 of the original one od course.

It’s kind of manual but it can be done.

Note that on the transitions options, you have the possibilitty to do some audio adjustments too…

There’s no need to fade up the second, lower gain track as the gain drops from the first track. Assuming you’re only ducking a track behind, for example, someone talking.

Track 2 (I’m skipping track 1 - talking) has the music soundtrack, running at some level. When the talking starts, that track should drop under the speaking.

Track 3 has the same content as Track 2, and it’s at some lower level (gain). Edit Track 2 to end exactly where the speaking begins. Fade out back before the cut (that is, start the fade before speaking begins). You’ll effective drop the gain to Track 3’s level just as if you moved a console’s slider.

This works because Track 2 and Track 3 are in sync and have the same material. If 2 and 3 have different material, a crossfade is needed. Oh, and boosting the final gain is only the dropping process in reverse.