Audio Fade in/out muting other clips after splitting

Shotcut 23.09.29 running on windows 11

add an audio track, add a fade in and fade out, then splice in the middle and add a fade out at the end the first slice. The second slice is now muted, even if you add a fade in at the start of it.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Actually I found out that the second splice gets unmuted if I disable and then reenable its fade-out, so perhaps something fishy is going on there…

I did not reproduce this.

I followed your steps. But I do not experience the second clip being muted. Maybe there is a step I am missing. Or maybe there is something else in your project interacting with it.

Have you tried to follow your steps starting from an empty project?

Indeed the effect does not occur on a fresh project. However the issue is that in the past weeks I have experience tens of this sort of issues that can’t be reproduced on a fresh project. Yet the issues do occur. What is the accepted workflow to tackle an issue of this kind? Sharing a whole project? Perhaps a detailed log from the application?

Sometimes we can make progress from a large project. But often, that is too complex to narrow down the problem. It is best to submit an example project that represents the simplest test case. Here is a good way to get there:

  1. Create a copy of your project
  2. Delete something (maybe remove a track, some clips, or a filter)
  3. Does the problem still occur? Delete something else
  4. Does the problem stop? Restore the thing you deleted, and delete something else
  5. Repeat until you have the smallest project that repeats the problem.
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This is excellent advice as far as troubleshooting goes. And always, I repeat ALWAYS keep an untouched copy of the original before experimenting i.e. never experiment on that copy.

I would also add that sometimes it’s possible to speed the process up by working in blocks of half. So if your project is 12 minutes long, remove the last 6 minutes (you can use shift and control for multiple selections) then test. If the problem persists then it is in the remaining half, so remove the last half of that half and test again. If the problem is in the removed half, restore and then remove the other half so that you are only left with the half that is buggy. Then remove the last half of that and retest. And so on and so forth. Eventually you will get it down to a section where you can almost individually examine the filters and transitions on the remaining items in order to identify the problem. It sounds confusing but in application it really isn’t.

On a side note, the best course is to start and finish a project using the same Shotcut version (I do understand that isn’t always possible). So, did you start this project with version 23.09.29?

Ok this sounds very reasonable. How would one share said project once the issue has been singled out?

In the best case scenario, your project would be composed entirely of internally generated clips (color, noise, sine wave, etc). If you can accomplish that, just add “.txt” to the file extension and attach it as a post on this thread.

If the problem can only be reproduced with an external clip file, then you can zip up the project file and clip. Then, upload that zip file to one of the many file sharing services (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc) and paste a link in this forum.