Audio Fade In automatically added

Very often when I add the Fade In Video effect, it also automatically adds the Fade In Audio right below it. Is this a feature or a bug?

I use them all the time in my editing; sometimes I get the wrong one, one or twice I have gotten both.
The problem for me is tremor disorder, compounded by a cheap mouse.
Not a Shotcut problem.

The switches used in a computer mouse or trackball are subject to “key bounce”, a double click when you meant for only one.
The OS software debounces the incoming button signal, however, this is imperfect. It usually can be adjusted in a OS setup menu.
There is also an adjustable (but sometimes inaccessible) setting for the size of the circle of mouse focus.

I believe your problem will be found in these areas.

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What method are you using to add the video filter? Dragging a handle from one of the upper corners of the clip? Or adding it with the “+” button on the Filters panel?

If dragging handles on the clip, then video and audio fade filters are always added together by default.


Wow, I didn’t even know about that.

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Actually, I add it via filters, then adjust by dragging the handles on the clip. So, that’s when the audio fade shows up. Problem solved.


Yeah, dragging the corner handles has to affect both audio and video filters or else their durations could get out of sync. If out-of-sync video and audio fade is desired, then that has to be set manually on the Filters panel, then never touch the corner handles again, as the handles would put them back in sync.

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That actually makes sense. I had just assumed that the handles just affected whatever filter was in play at the time.

I needed to know that!

It could have bit me in the future.

I frequently have out-of-sync fades, a slow video fade and a quick drop-dead audio fade at the end.

I use a fade to avoid a click as the background noise of the clip suddenly vanishes.

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Good to know!


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