Audio export option missing from shotcut shotcut-win64-220623


I have a lot of external noise in some clips, so I want to export audio of the clip to remove the noise in audacity.

To my surprise I can no longer see the option to export audio!

Here is the screenshot

I have a i7 windows 10 asus laptop with nvidia rtx 3060 gpu.

I recently reset my laptop. To check if there is a problem with my laptop, I downloaded an older version that had worked well, and installed it.

I now find that even in that version the advanced export option has disappeared.

So I went back to ensure that all asus and nvidia drivers were installled, and also installed, which they are.

Obviously, some driver somewhere is the problem. Any suggestions? I am deserate.


Sugnadha JOhar

Have things changed in this version?

Sugandha Johar

Select “Video” from your menu. Then select an audio preset.

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