Audio effects from Audacity


I’m involved in some work with audio tracks of series and movies for preparing additional syncronized voice over for russian and ukrainian languages.
Now i’m forced to work with Audacity as sound editor for this targets, and it’s great but i’m making sync of audio with only looking on waveform.
As I know, there is a better way to make sync of audio phrases with looking not only on waveform but also on video picture. It’s better because I see how actors moving their mouths and where is some fades appear to be, so I can make better sync and viewers of finished series got satisfied with ideal sound. For example, this ability is exists in app called “Samplitude” with all main effects that is available in Audacity, like equalizer, level amplifier, fade in\out, change tempo and others.
Inside Shotcut there is no similar available effects for audio waveform, so I can’t make sync with looking at video picture and forced to go into Audacity.
Is it possible to improve Shotcut with audio effect similar to ones that exists in Audacity???
This would be unbelievable awesome!