Audio Edit - Want to reduce / mute sound in a clip for one to two seconds

Hello. The objective is to cut out undesired sound in an otherwise successful video clip.

The primary actor is going about their action and someone makes a quick comment that only lasts a second or two during this otherwise successful clip.

I’ve opened the Filter and Mute, had it selected during the one to two seconds that the clip is playing, and then deselect it as the clip continues. That works only during the time that I am watching / listening the clip. How do I get that to remain as a permanent part of the clip?

I could also use the Gain filter but also have no success in getting that to remain as permanent part of the clip playback.

Do I need to export the clip first to realize the results? I feel I am just missing a simple step.

Running Win7 with SC version 17.08.01

Thanks in advance

i’m pretty sure all you have to do is cut out the clip using the S key, click on the clip, press mute towards the left, then you’re done. that is, if you’re using the timeline.


Although no one mentioned splitting the videos, it worked as you said.

I’m new to the game but appreciate your idea. It gets the job done.

When I did that, it muted the whole track.

Oops, that was some really bad advice. (Also, this is the exact definition of necroposting.) Instead of hitting the mute button, cut out the track and click on it like i previously said, then click on filters and add the mute filter.

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I too want to mute audio on a video track for one or two seconds. I move the play head to the start of my mute point with the idea of splitting the footage before and after the desired mute area by inserting a mute filter. When I attempt to insert the first split it jumps far away from my desired split on version 18.06.02. I’ve tried zooming in and out. No change. Advice please?

I had a empty video track above my primary track. I deleted it. Problem solved.