Audio droput appears at splice

Following up on a related post in How-To, an audio dropout appears when doing a splice. Position playback head, hit S and…

The black line is the splice, of course. Note there is no dropout after the splice. The splice was placed at a peak in the displayed waveform. This image has been enlarged heavily to show the problem clearly. The dropout is visible with the close-up tool at “full plus”, too.

Hi, I don’t think this is really a Shotcut problem or at least doesn’t affect it’s usability. I think the “droput” is related with the fact that after you slice the video the software doesn’t know what is the audio level to reference next. It cannot assume that the level is at the same height has the next clip because it doesn’t have that information so it drops to zero.

Here are three screenshots of the frames before and after the split of a video clip. The playhead at the second and third images are in consecutive frames, you can see that the “droput” is between the last frame of the left clip and the next frame is the first frame of the right side clip. The playhead at the left clip is at the peak of the audio not in the “droput”.

I don’t think there is a correct way of dealing with this “effect” and even if it can be considered a problem it’s negligible and any thing that can be done is only cosmetic, no real correction for this. It doesn’t affect the edition of the videos in any way, at least for me.

Uh… I’m not quite in agreement with that.

The state of the waveform prior to the splice has no reason to change due a subsequent splice (for the diehard sci-fi reader I recommend recalling Isaac Asimov’s “thiotimoline” - a compound that dissolves before being added to a solvent). There’s no audio dropout after the splice, which is plausible but doesn’t happen. I think it’s simply that the audio is cut (e.g., separated from) from the following material earlier than the video cut. If so, it’s a bug.

ADDED: Given the apparent duration of the dropout, and the psychology of hearing, the dropout’s probably not audible. NTL, being obsessive about stuff like this. I think it should at least be looked into. [/smile]

It think it is only a rendering glitch. The latest version actually has a bug fix to improve the integrity of the audio samples at a split point when working with some common, lossy compressed audio formats.

Ah, well, there we are. [/big grin]

TNX for the clarification.

If it can be fixed, the better. :slight_smile: Thanks.