Audio drifting behind video after export

Hey everyone,
Recently, I’ve noticed my exported videos have audio that starts in sync but gradually lags behind the video upwards of 5-6 seconds by the end. From what I can tell, this isn’t an issue with the frame rate (I record at 60fps constant bitrate via OBS). This only happens on long videos that have cuts in the middle of the video. Videos that just have the beginning/end cropped are fine. There’s no issues with the playback in Shotcut, everything is in sync.
I’m about to pull my hair out, I’ve had to scrap 4 days worth of work because of this issue and am falling behind schedule, so any help would be great, thanks!

Format: mov

  • Video
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Aspect ratio: 16:9
    Frames/sec: 60
    Color range: Broadcast Limited
    Scan mode: Progressive
    Field order: None
    Deinterlacer: YADIF
    Interpolation: Bicubic
    Parallel processing is checked.

  • Codec
    Codec: libx264
    Rate control: Quality-based VBR
    Quality: 85%
    GOP: 25
    B frames: 0
    Codec threads: 0

  • Audio
    Channels: 2
    Sample rate: 48khz
    Codec: aac
    Rate control: Average bitrate
    Bitrate: 512kb/s

The source videos most likely have variable frame rate. Use the “Convert to Edit-Friendly” feature to convert the sources to constant frame rate.

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