Audio distortion filter

Hi there
I’m using shotcut to cut interviews. Sometimes I want to conceil the identity of my interviewees, and the blur video filter in shotcut is great for that.

However, I have not found a way to distort the interviewee’s voice in shotcut. In the forum I found workarounds involving export of the audiotrack to audacity and reimport to shotcut. It would be so much easier to have an audio filter directly in shotcut that scrambles the signal a bit.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback!!

Why do you want to make the interviewers voice sound like a “Heavy Metal”-Guitar?
It would be scratchy and a crime to the viewers ears and that would be totally inappropriate and just confusing.
What is more effective is to use a white noise:
‘Open other’>‘Noise’, set your desired length and detach the audio from the track.

I certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s ears :wink:

I don’t know what TV producers use to achieve a making of voices.

I will try with the filter you suggest, but my expectation of white noise is that the signal would be degraded, but not changed in a way that renders the voice unrecognizable. I was more thinking in the direction of changing the pitch or similar

The next update, when released, will have a pitch filter which can be used for distortion.




Awesome! Thanks!

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