Audio distorted after export

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I refer to my previous topic audio unstable. The problem had been resolved after converting. However, the audio distorted after export YouTube.

Kindly advise.

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Youtube will compress it. Use a higher quality and upload it again.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

As suggested, I have just tried to use H.254 High Profile for export but the problem still hasn’t been solved. Kindly advise further.

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Can you give the YouTube link. What is your audio setting?

I haven’t posted on YouTube. I just export it using preset under YouTube. Here is my screenshot showing my audio setting.

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Try using ac3 codec.

Hi, after using ac3, the problem still occurred.

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You need to explain it better. Where do you hear it? What player are you using? Try to describe the distortion. Try to provide an example by posting to a web video or cloud drive service.

Hi Leader, Kindly find the 3 attachments:-

(1) audio become stronger (using window media player)

(2) audio become stronger - converted (using shotcut)
(3) audio export Youtube (export using preset Youtube)

Distorted parts by timer:

  1. 8.00 - 8.20
  2. 19.08 - 19.22
  3. 23.10 - 24.01
  4. 40.00 - 40.22
  5. 49.16 - 50.10

I hope that there is a solution to solve the above problem.

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I believe I reproduced the problem. It is not unusual that WMV with WMA gives Shotcut a problem, and you need to convert that potentially using Properties > Shotcut. However, even after converting, I reproduced a problem using the converted file, exporting, and listening to playback in more than one player. The problem is less obvious than with the WMV, but I do hear occasional clicks and distortions. It is a little hard to tell because one of the voices seems to have a little weird sound maybe from a speech synthesizer or a special accent.

We had to make some big changes in version 21.09.22 to deal with API changes in our FFmpeg dependency, and I think that is the cause. I tested with Shotcut versions 21.09.22 and 21.08.29, and in my brief analysis so far the problem occurs in 21.09 but not 21.08. If you want to help and confirm you can download the portable version of that version, extract it, and run shotcut.exe.

Hi Leader,

I am using window 10. Do you mean to downloading these two files:-

  2. shotcut-win64-210829.exe

Kindly advise.

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This one. It is not an installer, you extract the files and run shotcut.exe

Hi Leader,

Thanks for the portable converter and it seems ok with the audio. However, when exporting to Youtube there’s still distortion occurred.

Kindly listen to the following audio by timing:-

  1. 7.03 - 7.26

  2. 44.23 - 45.19

  3. 1.02.03 - 1.03.01

  4. Window Media Video File!Ask_Jnm1DdFSiC62_f064t_CXbOK?e=pBL86f

  5. Converted File!Ask_Jnm1DdFSiDIeZOBTz8le4_aR?e=P5momy

  6. Exported Youtube File!Ask_Jnm1DdFSiDPMuWRvqhQ4dYKp?e=ArKxct

I hope that Shotcut could improve the export function.

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Hi Leader,

Could you open my link files created on November 18? As it’s been 4 days I didn’t hear from you.

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I will not be needing those additional files, and you can remove them.

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