Audio desyncs when I export as mp4

Can anyone help - the audio and video on shotcut are perfectly in sync.

But as soon as I export, the audio begins to desync and this gets worse as the video goes on till you can clearly see it is out of time.

I’ve heard this is something to do with frame rates?

Can anybody help me please,
Many thanks!

What’s your project’s fps?
Did you change the frame rate in the Export menu to a different frame rate then what you set your project as?

Hi there - thank you for your reply!
My frame rate is variable at times and differs with each video (I’m using phone recording so quite unreliable)
My project fps is set at 30

Do you think it would help if I converted all my videos to a constant 30fps? I have an app which would allow me to do this?

This has happened to me before. I found a workaround was to advance the audio track forwards by 7 frames (I presume your audio is on a separate track). It seems out of synch in the preview but synched in the export.
You can test just a portion of your video by using the “timeline to source” feature.

When you were bringing in those videos to Shotcut, did you get a message saying that your videos had a variable framerate and asking you to convert them?

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