Audio Desync due to multiple frame rates?

Hi, I’m making a video due tomorrow for a class and I have a problem I could really use help with as I’m new to Shotcut.

I intended to and thought I filmed my material at 24fps, but apparently at some point during filming my camera switched the frame rate to 30. So now, the first half of my material is 24 while the other is 30. I discovered this after exporting because when the video got to a certain point, the audio would desync. I searched around the forums and figured that the footage’s change in frame rate is possibly the problem, since I was exporting at 24fps.

Is this the problem? If so, is there a way I can export at 2 different frame rates? Does anyone know of a way to fix this? I don’t have the time to reshoot. Thanks.

are the video sections separate clips or is it one clip with mixed framerates throughout?

Separate clips. Some are 24 some are 30.

if the 30fps clips are in sync, you should be able to convert them to 24fps outside of shotcut and keep things in sync.

Is there a way to do this en masse? And would I have to re-edit them onto my timeline? I’m using Windows if that matters.

Since the MLT file is human editable and readable xml as long as they’re the same clips in theory this can be done along the same lines earlier users attempted to work with proxy editing. Unfortunatly the best I can do is point you to some of the proxy threads as i’ve never had to do this myself.

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