Audio defaults to Mono, not Stereo

OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045
System Info should not be super relevant here.

Shotcut version: 23.11.29

Continuing the discussion from Audio Channels:

It appears that in my case, on a fresh (-ish) install of shotcut, my projects were set to Mono without me explicitly setting it this way. It’s possible that the first clips introduced to the timeline had mono audio from webcam, but I don’t think that this would set the audio channels setting implicitly. After going to Settings>Audio Channels and selecting 2 (Stereo), new projects then defaulted to Stereo from that point forward even after restart of the software.

I think the software should reflect the doc post and default to 2 channel stereo.

Wrong. Already defaults to stereo. “fresh (-ish)” is not suitable repro steps. You need to close Shotcut, remove the audioChannels configuration key, start Shotcut, and check Settings > Audio Channels. I did that. It does not reproduce. In case that does not work for you, you might appdatadir defined in the Registry, which defers to the shotcut.ini file in that folder according to Shotcut - Configuration Keys

Registry Editor shows that audioChannels is 0x00000002. I guess perhaps I could have selected mono at some point and then forgot I did that.

FYI (you seem to know it but in case people having trouble find and read this) projects save the Audio Channels setting and override the configuration when the project is opened.