Audio Dance Visualisation multiple start/end sections possible?

Is it possible to have more than one start/end keyframe section for the ADV filter?
In the below screenshot I have 1, but it would be cool to have multiple in different sections of my output video.

Multiple ranges by one filter, no. But you can add a second filter of the same type with its own range further down the clip.


You could also apply the filter to the entire clip, then cut the clip where you want the filter to be active/inactive. Next, you disable the filter in the clips that don’t need the effect.

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Hello @MusicalBox thanks for your feedback, I konw that I can add the ADV Filter to every clip individually.

The problem is, that I have all my GoPro videos without the music and sound.
For the music I have a seperate audio track with mp3. Therefore I have to add the ADV Filter to the major “output”, so that the audio track influences the video track with the filter. But if I do this “trick” and do not have the possibility any more to influence multiple parts (e.g. every time the refrain comes) of my video:

In this case, your best option is to add multiple instances of ADV filter to the output - each with a different in/out set as Austin suggested. This is not very convenient, but maybe you can use the filter copy/paste feature to speed up the work.

Hello @brian, but it is not allowed in shotcut to add multiple ADV filters to the output.
In this case the failure “Only one Audio Dance Visualisation filter is allowed.” is shown.



Hmmm. Yes. I forgot about that.

I think you would need to take @MusicalBox 's suggestion to cut the clips into segments and apply the filter only to the clips where you want the effect. In order to do that, you would first need to combine your audio and video into a single clip, export that, and then open the combined clip to apply the ADV filter.

Maybe someday we will add keyframes to the ADV filter to make this easier.

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Looking forward to have keyframes for the really cool filter ADV!!! :love_you_gesture:

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