Audio cuts off when Proxy is on

The audio of my video cuts off after a certain length, but when i turn off proxy i can hear everything again…

When i have proxy on it cuts the audio off after a certain amount of legnth but when i take off proxy i can hear all my audios, pls someone help me

Either turn off proxy, regenerate the bad proxy (Properties > Proxy > Make), or disable proxy on the problematic clip (Properties > Proxy > Disable). If you are on Windows and try to regenerate it, you need to first turn off proxy and restart Shotcut because the current proxy file is locked while in use.

I just found there is a bug trying to use Make Proxy to regenerate the proxy. It only works currently to manually generate a proxy if it was not created per the automatic rules. I fixed it for the next version but for now your other two options are the only options unless you want to manually delete the proxy by getting its hash code (Properties > Proxy > Copy Hash Code) and then find the file and delete it (Settings > Proxy > Storage > Show).

Thank you the “(Properties > Proxy > Disable)” helped me now i can hear my audios