Audio crackling in exported media (frankenbited audio)

Hello, i have scoured many forums and tried many things but nothing helps. The problem is that the audio is very crackling and has popping sounds in the exported media.

In preview the problem is there aswell but it’s almost like it’s buffering or something because the longer the video plays the more it crackles. When i pause it and replay a certain part the crackling dissapears for a short while.

I have tried adjusting many different settings in advanced tab for exporting, i have tried preview scaling which also doesn’t fix the problem.

The problem arises from frankenbited audio, but there must be a way to just have it play smooth. I never had this problem in Filmorra. I am seriously thinking about going back to Filmorra but i don’t want to redo 8 hours of editing in another software.

Anyone know why this frankenbited audio crackles so much in preview and exported media? What can i do to just have it play smooth without anoying crackling sounds? Thanks in advance!

We might get a clue if you can share a screenshot of the properties panel for one of the clips you are having trouble with. Maybe the video is variable frame rate, or maybe the audio sample rate is odd.

As an experiment, you can click the “Convert” button in the properties panel to convert your clips to an edit friendly format.

Hello Brian, thanks for replying.

So i have 2 tracks. 1 videotrack and 1 audiotrack. The videotrack doesn’t actually exist of video’s but of many different pictures each lasting about 30 seconds. That is because on the audiotrack i have voiceover commentary existing of about 40 different audioclips all edited next to eachother This is what i meen with frankenbited audio.

I tried disabling videotrack, then press ‘cntrl a’ to select all the audio, i then tried converting to editfriendly but the problem is still the same. Popping sounds, stuttering words etc. It’s like Shotcut can’t properly keep up with playing it. But as i said the problem is there aswell in preview as in exported video.

I can’t add a screenshot of propertiestab for one of the voiceclips because my laptop doesnt have prtscreen option. I can tell you the only info with properties-details is that it’s WAV file and 352 kbps. All voicefiles are all in the same format.

This operation does not work the way you describe. I think to help you more we need to know your operating system and the details of your files. Even a screenshot of the Shotcut UI would help.

If you are using Windows, there is a tool pre-installed called “Snipping Tool”.

Hello, my operating system is not the problem. I have the best gaminglaptop of 2021 ASUS G15 wich can run any game. Didn’t know about snippingtool that’s a useful feauture i’m taking with me in future. I added you a picture of my project, you can see in track 1 pictures JPG and track 2 voicefiles WAV 352 kbps. What exact details do you need to know more? I will look for it.

That is very helpful. Thanks!

Click on one of the audio clips, open the Properties panel, click on the “Audio” tab and take a screenshot of that as well.

Here you go

The sample rate of your audio is 22kHz. This requires Shotcut to convert the sample rate of your audio - which causes these artifacts. You will need to convert your audio files to 48kHz. The convert feature in Shotcut can do that. But there is not “bulk” convert feature. So that might be a tedious operation.

Ok, but i can disable videotrack and then ‘cntrl a’ to have selected all audiofiles. But can you explain to me how i convert it from 22khz to 48khz? I don’t see the option with convert. This is what i see:

You are right. The convert feature in Shotcut does not change the sample rate. You would need to change the sample rate in a tool outside of Shotcut. Like Audacity.

Well, i’ll try to do that then… Please take notes regarding the next update for the program because this is quite the hassle for something i would expect to be very simple. Your average PC user will not be able to understand and do all this extra work. It also seems the most logical thing for me to do my future projects in another software. Thanks for the help anyway

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