Audio Crackles and Pops on JPEG & Video Clip Transitions with NO Audio


I have created a video which has multiple frame transitions on jpeg images and video clips with NO audio. Nothing is apparent in shotcut on timeline, but upon exporting there are significant audio pops on most video clip transitions when starting and ending a transition, even though there is no audio present on them.

However there is an additional audio track which also has the same occasional pops when moving from clip to clip on mp3 files. I have tried small audio fade in & outs to try and remove to no avail.

Any thoughts on why this is happening? I have never seen these artifacts before on numerous exported files in the past.

I have tried the parallel processing tip as this has removed weird artifacts in the past. No joy.

I am using the latest shotcut version 20.02.17, Windows 64 bit, with a high spec PC, exporting system standard H.264 mp4.

Appreciate any comments. Thank you.

I was not able to reproduce this by placing 4 JPEGs on V1 with transitions between each, and either an empty audio track or a continuous MP3 on A1. I used a 1KHz sine wav for the audio to make it easier to hear an artifact or see it in Audacity’s waveform. MP3 and AAC are known to give artifacts at splits or around edit points on it due to inaccurate seeking. The solution is to convert it to WAV or use Properties > Convert to Edit-friendly. Does the problem still occur if you disable the audio track or temporarily remove the mp3?

Apologies, I should of been a bit more specific - at times there are 2 audio tracks, both mp3 files converted from M4A so I could process noise reduction on Audacity at it does not accept M4A files.

There are at moments multiple overlapping JPEG’s, but other times only transitioning from one to the other. Which leads me to believe it’s not a PC performance issue causing this, which is what I first thought.
The noise pops definitely coincides with transitions of JPEG’s, not moving from clip to clip of mp3’s. Although I can hear that at times also.

A bit unprofessional of me but I have loaded the video to YouTube, as I gave up trying to solve.

To hear the issues best they are at time index 0.13 sec and 5.55 to 6.03.

I will try playing about with the audio tracks as you suggested, but as the main problem is with the video track and JPEG’s I’m not sure how that will solve, but I will try that.

Edit - with audio tracks disabled, the artifacts are not there. I’ll convert to WAV and see if that solves it.

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