Audio Crackle AAC Audio (mp4) Video Exports

Thanks for the minimal project.

I’ve been “squinting” my ears on these files and I am really struggling. In all my listening tests, the original WAV file, the Shotcut preview playback and the exported file all sound the same. I’m afraid that my perception is not good enough to hear any difference. Hopefully someone else will be able to hear a difference in the example you provided.

Can you explain this more? In the minimal project, there is only one clip from the WAV file. There are not multiple parts.

Hello Brian, right, I cutted the original source only into one short part. The most (at least to me) noticable clicks are right at the beginning of the exported file.

Does the click disappear if you put a 1 video frame length audio fade in and out? Is it just a discontinuity caused by cutting?

Hi, it appears with and without a fader. I tried several lenghts of fades but it didn’t work. If I put in a one-frame-fade in audio, the audio completly disappears (another bug?). With a 2-frame-fader it works, but the cracklings and noises are still here.

Hi Brian. Here I have another minimal example which has even more noticeable noises in the export that are not in the sourcefile. (4.9 MB)

Thanks for your effort!

Your project contains raw flac files. Unfortunately, that is known to be problematic in Shotcut. The underlying FFMPEG library does not seek well with raw flac. And we have not found a solution. FLAC in MKV in works better.

Use Properties > menu > Convert to Edit-friendly.

Alternatively, I suggest to remux that to a mkv file using ffmpeg ffmpeg -i your.flac -c copy your.mkv.

Additional reading:

Thank you, I’ll try it with that and avoid flac.