Audio - Compressor and Expander


Compressor and Expander filter have both almost the same parameters. Does it means they have sth in common? How to use Expander filter in order to improve vocals? I’ve tried to make some experiments with Expander but in case of most of parameters impact on audio is very low. Do you have any recommended sets of parameters? Does it works correctly?

An expander is a compressor that does the opposite. If the task of the compressor is to reduce the dynamic range, then the task of the expander is to expand it. To be honest, I use it extremely rarely even in music, since its purpose is very narrowly focused. It can sometimes help add signal peaks after heavy compression. It is sometimes used on tracks with drums to give them an edge. Within a video editor, this effect is used very rarely, except on tracks with audio effects. On a track with a voice, I do not recommend using it, as this will lead to unnecessary bursts of volume; they try to compress the voice rather than expand it.

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