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I’ve been trying to get a video I made exported for a few days now but for some reason every time I export it the output sounds like it’s being played through a wall. I tried the default settings, I tried both average and variable bitrate at highest settings for audio, I tried increasing the sampling rate but nothing seems to work. For some reason however I am able to export the audio as .wav and it sounds fine, but if I then export the video without the audio and join them up in a new project, I get the same problem. The windows photos video editor is able to join the two together and the audio is fine (but in the wrong resolution because the windows photos video editor can’t do anything other than 16:9 resolutions). Does anyone know what’s going wrong here?

There was another thread on here about the aac codec causing some issues with audio quality in certain circumstances (I can’t find it). Maybe that is part of the preset you are using when doing your export? At any rate, you can change it here:

Export > Advanced > Audio > Codec and make it “ac3”.

Try testing with that and see what happens.

Have the same problem, the audio from the original is slightly lowered in quality for me after the import. At 0:15 seconds, the lasers make quieter noises for me! and the volume has also dropped slightly.

On the PC, it sounds more extreme when playing.It could also be that I’m panicking.

Edit:Try also Export > Advanced > Audio > Codec ac3 all forms and also aac

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I tried changing the codec to ac3 and it didn’t change anything. I also noticed all projects now suffer the same issue, not just the one I initially tried to export. I tried installing version 22.06.23 as well to see if maybe a recent update had caused the issue but it gives the same result.

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Did you make sure to remove all registry entries and manually check that the config folders had been deleted before downgrading? That shouldn’t really matter but it’s good practice when trying to troubleshoot. Detailed instructions on that process here:

Seems like you are both on windows, so the easiest and quickest way to debug this is by creating a new User profile and install on that. Don’t use the old project files and instead start a new project with the bare bones minimum required to test for audio issues.

I’m assuming there haven’t been any audio driver updates during your regularly scheduled windows updates?

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Tried it again on another PC and my laptop. comes out the same. I can counteract slight changes after uploading by reducing the decibel display.

Check that the Audio isn’t clipping.

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Now everything is up to date again without any problems, I honestly have no idea what’s going on :smile:

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