Audio comes forward when exporting

I made a video with several clips and in the middle of the video, the audio comes forward and is heard earlier, this only happens when exporting, in the editor it sounds fine, it’s audio from the same clips, they are not an add, what could be the problem? I read in another message that it could be due to the sampling rate of the video in relation to the output, but I checked it and it’s not that

you are the second person today having audio synchronization problems. If any timing problem with audio exists you have to check that the input video audio sampling frequency is the same like the output audio frequency on the exported video. This is because audio frequency conversations cannot be done 100% timing accurate.
And secondly you can try to add an dynamic audio resampling filter which can have bad side effects on high frequencies. This looks like a common issue facing any video editor!

Maybe you can follow my advice from this similar post and convert the clips to be edit-friendly:

Yes, that’s what I had read, but I checked it and both have the same frequency

Thanksfor the info, i had some VFR clips, but i just did that and converted them, but the audio keeps scrolling when exporting the video.

I’m not sure if I understand what this means. Can you share some screenshots of the properties panel for your clips? Maybe someone will see a clue.

sorry, (google translate…), basically, after exporting the video, (in the exported video) in some parts the audio is heard earlier than it should

If the sync of the preview does not match the export, that is usually caused by file seeking problems. Did you try to convert the audio or the video files?

Can you show a screenshot of the properties panel for files that are having trouble with sync?

Captura de pantalla (97)

Here I show a file, although it occurs in several files, the last screenshot is at the time of export

Captura de pantalla (98)

I tried to send a video but i can’t

here’s a link to be more easy to understand

I can see from the screenshots and the video that your clips are variable frame rate. This is the most likely cause of the problem.

You can use “View->Resources” to convert all the files. As a test, I recommend that you try that.


Hello, i came back just to comment that i tried to do that and it didn’t work, i searched everywhere and couldn’t find a solution, i appreciate your help but unfortunately i have to change editor, it’s very annoying, i hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else