Audio clipping help

Running OSX El Capitan 10.11.6

Loaded a mp3 with a 44,100 sample rate, audio clips real bad, turned the gain down, still clips.

Converted the file into a m4a and tried loading that instead , same problem.

Any ideas?

If the original source audio is ‘clipped’ then you have lost range already.

it’s not though, i’m using high end headphones and there is no clipping from the original source

Can you post the audio file for checking?

ok some parts have some noise but on Shotcut it’s not noise it’s constant clipping from beginning to end

I don’t seem to have the problem in Shotcut. The wave form clearly shows it’s within limits and the audio plays just fine.
Are you adding the audio to a track which has a filter already applied?

Loading the file into Audacity does show there are some areas near the end of the file where the low frequencies are almost clipped in the left channel and playback does exhibit a little bass distortion.

I just drop it in the playlist then add it to the time line. I’ve loaded few mp4 videos and it’s the same issue. Should of tried that before sorry. So I guess my settings are wrong or it’s a os/hardware issue.

It seems to be crashing too when I try editing. I’ll come back to it later, I really like the interface. Thanks though