Audio clipped after opening

I’m attempting to insert short spoken sentences into my video.
When I open the audio file shotcut clips the last word of the sentence so in this example “junction” becomes jun".
The source audio file is ok so I don’t know why this is happening.
Any help would be appreciated.

Can’t duplicate the issue.
source (541.6 KB)

Hey Hudson
Your file worked ok when I opened it in Shotcut

Here’s a link to one of the files which plays fully outside Shotcut but when played inside gets clipped at the end.

Please try it and let me know the outcome.

Played all the way though fine for me.
Your audio file is in Mono.
First export failed.
I set Shotcut audio setting to Mono, and exported fine.
Made it past the word “Junction”.

The first example text had the last word as “junction” but was being clipped to “junc”

The clip I linked to had more text after “junction” so when you say it got past the word junction on this occasion I’m assuming it clipped the rest in your Shotcut also. So it is replicating with you.

I’m using Watson text to speak to create the narrative.
Perhaps it’s something to do with this even though there is no clipping on the Watson created file.

Perhaps you could create a clip using Watson and trial that. I’ve used the voice option “Olivia V3”

I looked at the sample you gave me in MediaInfo.
Your sample has a variable bit rate, which is probably why it’s cutting off the end.
You might want to use a constant bit rate when recording.

As I said, I’m using the Watson on-line text to voice generator so I’m not actually doing any recording. The software generates the voice clip which I then simply save.

Anyway, the obvious workaround is to add a little extra text onto the end, so it’s this extra text that’s clipped, and then cut it in Shotcut.

Thanks anyway.

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