Audio capture (voice acting)

the current method of Audio capture is incompatible with voice acting - too time consuming, can’t it be made simpler?
should look like this: an audio track is added, a sound source is selected (you have a large choice and this is fine), it remains to display the record button, but so that when it is pressed, playback of the added video will start.

What version of Shotcut are you using?
In the latest versions:

  • Choose your Audio device in Open Other… > Audio/Video Device

  • Move the playhead where you want the new recording to begin.

  • Click this button:

  • If you didn’t create your project using the New Project panel, Shotcut will ask you to specify a folder to save the audio file.

  • Shotcut will create a new Audio track, or use an existing one if it’s empty at the playhead and beyond.

  • The recording starts and the content of the other tracks will play in the viewer.

  • Click the Microphone icon again to stop the recording

Often this step is not required. And the last step is to click the microphone again to stop recording.

Important step yes ! :flushed:
Fixed in my post