Audio bug after playing external audio

I’ve been using Shotcut for a while, and I’ve come across a really annoying bug.
If I play audio from another source besides Shotcut, like Youtube or any music player, the audio in the timeline is muted until I restart Shotcut. Closing whatever was playing the audio doesn’t fix it.
The weird thing is that if I play a clip from the playlist, the audio is fine.

You should report your operating system and it’s version and Shotcut version. I don’t think I experiencedb this anywhere except macOS a while ago and haven’t heard about it in a long while.

Hi Tians and welcome to the SC forum.

Not sure what OS you are using, but had a similar problem a while back under Win 7.
The solution was to install the latest audio drivers and in the audio settings, make sure that the option “Let xxxx take exclusive control…”, is not enabled.
Where xxxx is the name of the application, in this case Shotcut.

I’m using Windows 10 with shotcut version 19.06.15, and I’ve already installed the latest audio drivers.
As far as I could tell, there weren’t any audio settings in Windows 10 like the one you said to change.

See here:

I don’t use Win 10 so can’t say for sure if it still applies.

I also tested this quite a bit on Windows 10 but did not reproduce it.

Here are my steps to reproduce:

  1. Open up a project in shotcut
  2. Open a video with Movies & TV (for windows)
  3. Go back to shotcut and try to play audio

Thanks for providing updated information. After step 2, do you leave it playing, pause, or close?
I am still not reproducing it on my 2 Windows systems. You should try version 19.12.16 or 19.12.23 BETA if you have not. It includes a newer version of the audio playout library SDL2.dll that might make a difference. I am rolling that back to the previous version we used in the next release because some users reported crackling audio when using it.

Here are the Sound Control Panel windows Paul mentioned:


The new version (19.12.31) seems to fix the bug. Thanks!

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