Audio and Video tracks running out of sync in Shotcut

Shotcut 18.08.14 on MBP with macOS 10.13.6.

I’m working on a dance video, where I have a video track (mp4, codec avc1, 25000 fps) including audio (the latter one should not appear in the end product), plus an audio (aac, vbr 44.1 kHz).

So far I didn’t cut out the start of the video, so the music starts sometime into the video. I pulled the video track into the timeline as “V1”, and the audio track as “A1”. I managed to sync the audio track according to the audio waveform in the “V1” track, and things look fine.

However I have some problems working with this project in Shotcut, because when I start playback (using the space bar), and then stop playback, the audio is out of sync even though it was just fine on the start. The waveforms on “V1” and “A1” still look fine, but the audio playback restarts at a wrong position which is not in sync with the video.

Is this a bug, or did I miss anything?

Is “plus an audio (aac, vbr 44.1 kHz)” on A1?
Try converting that audio file to WAV at 48 KHz and see if it works better. You can use Shotcut for that by opening the AAC file, leaving it in Source, choosing it in Export > From, and choosing the audio/WAV export preset. When the job is done, double-click it to open the WAV file and now you can add it to A1.

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