Audio and Video tracks, how do I reconnect them?

If I disconnect the audio and video tracks, how do I reconnect them?

Hi @nanni61

To re-attach audio to its video clip:

  • Select the video clip.
  • Go to Properties.
  • Select the Audio tab.
  • Open the Track drop-down menu.
  • Choose the original audio track (instead on None)
  • In the Timeline, delete the audio clip.

Note that any filter(s) applied the audio when it was detached will be lost after this operation. If you want to keep them, click the Copy checked filters button in the Filters panel before doing the last step in the list above. Then select the Video clip and click the Paste filter button.

Thank you, it was impossible to understand without an explanation.

But if I disconnect the audio to move it forward by x seconds when I reconnect it with this method I find it at the same point as before…

The audio knows which track it was associated with so if you re-attach, it goes back to where it was. It you want to move it forward by x-seconds then detach the audio, highlight it and then drag it slightly to the right. So, just do as you were doing and leave it detached. Once exported detached audio will have no effect on the exported output.

It would be much more convenient to be able to hang up the audio at the desired point. If you have many clips it is not convenient for one or more of them to have the audio disconnected.

Understood on the convenience. What is your use case, the reason for advancing the audio?

to sync audio and video

If your audio is out of sync by less than one second (1000 ms) you could try the Sync tool in the Properties panel. No need to detach the audio.

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More than 1 second?

Your audio is out of sync by more than one second?
Well, the usual method in that case is to detach the audio, sync it with the video and leave it on a separate track.

If you worry about ending up with too much tracks and clips in your project, then I suggest this:
Repair the original videos before using them in your main project.

That particular video you mention here needs to be synced? Open Shotcut, import that video, sync the audio and the video and export it as a new repaired version.

Other clips are too dark? Too bright? Too saturated?
Fix them individually and export them as new versions.

You will use less clips and less filters in your main project which will make editing smoother.

One way within the project is to multi-select each clip, and Group them (see right-click menu). Otherwise, if you must reconnect them into a single clip you need to export them together. How you do that depends on your current timeline setup. If these two clips are all you have on the timeline you simply Export. Otherwise, you need to isolate these clips on a new timeline project to export: opening another instance of the Shotcut program and copy and paste between windows.

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