Audio and video not in sync?

I’m new to video editing and aside from a simple one I made with Windows built-in Video Editor my first video with Shotcut has the video lagging slightly behind the audio from the start and gets a little worse by the end.

The video was captured on my laptop, WIndows 10, as MP4 (480p 4:3 30fps) 640x480.

With the internal Shotcut player it’s fine, but is out-of-sync with Windows Photo app. I spent hours searching for solutions, trying different settings. And then I tried different players. Some have the lag while others do not (like QuickTime). I shared it on FB and there was no lag at all. Hope that helps others experiencing the same iissue.

Than the problem is probably in windows Photo app. Did you try the VLC video player? If it works fine there the video is very likely o.k. in sync. So this is no Shotcut issue.

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