Audio and video files locked

I am new to shotcut and really enjoying using it. It has a lot of great features for free that I appreciate. I am having a problem that just started. I do not know if I pressed the wrong option or that this feature was added in an update.
I record video and then add audio commentary. Until recently, I have been able to edit these two tracks individually. Recently, whenever I add a division and remove one of the tracks, both tracks disappear. I do not want this. Is there something I can do to remove this option?
Also, is there any way to merge clips after you have removed the unwanted section before exporting? Thanks

I updated this to the latest version and it seemed to have fixed the problem. I don’t see an option to delete this post.

well crap, nm on the last reply. It didn’t fix itself. I am having to lift the unwanted clip and drag the info over. So help is still needed on this. Thanks

Not sure I’m following your drift clearly.
Are you talking about removing the audio track from your recorded video then adding a commentary track?
If so, just mute the video’s audio.
If you wanting to edit the video’s audio track without affecting the video track, add the same video to a new audio track and mute the original video’s audio track.