Audio and Video Doesnt Sync!

Hey Everyone!

I was working with filmora for past few months. Because it is a paid version i thought of trying unpaid softwares.
When i was editing with filmora i dint had any problem.
I tried shotcut for the first time.
it says variable Frame Rate, then it converts.
What i do normaly is detach audio from the video and then edit it in Audacity then i would bring it back to Video editor. But when i do so, Audio and vedio doesnt sync.

Even when i just detach audio exports it and then when i import it, it is not syncing.

When i surfed internet i came accross handbrake, it takes so much time.
Even the Shotcut Converted video doesnt match with.

But Everything works Fine with Filmora. Is Filmora designed to handle such things?

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