Attempting to resize Shotcut's GUI with QT_SCALE_FACTOR causes everything to be unreadable

Greetings here, recently I’ve tried to resize Shotcut’s Main UI because it’s scale set on 150% while I have 100% scale on windows. I’ve tried using command QT_SCALE_FACTOR (with decimal numbers (0.5<1)) but it would ruin the look of main GUI and remove text entirely (Example of the image)

Is there something I’ve done wrong? I’ve tried looking for different solutions but most of them were either complicated for me to understand or didn’t had anything to do with my issue.

Having a decimal value for QT_SCALE_FACTOR can cause problems, as you have found out. This is (possibly) fixed in a later version - see here:

Well, if it’s been fixed in other major update, guess I gotta wait for it (Currently on v22.09.23). But at that time, is there any workaround for me?

As you are on Windows you could try setting the Shotcut App properties to have itn HDPI scaling setting. See here for how to do that: (You might need to reboot for it to take effect)

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Thanks for help! Setting in app properties worked and now I won’t have to worry about huge GUI.

Glad to have helped. Hope you enjoy using Shotcut.

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