Aspect ratio is 8 : 3


I’m trying to setup my own Video Export settings, to create a lossless 8:3 aspect ratio cinematic format, but ShotCut does not recognize the 8:3 aspect ratio settings.

For instance, the 2K cinematic 8:3 frame is 2048x760.

If one tries to save such preset with this aspect ratio format, ShotCut becomes messy and changes it from 8:3 to 2666:1000.
Also, the render output is saved as 16:9 (adding black stripes above and bellow the image frame) and does not maintain the 8:3 aspect (that should not show any black stripes).

By the way, what is the best recommended lossless format for editing propose with ShotCut, beside RAW obviously?

Many thanks.

I tried this out and here is what worked for me:

  1. Create a custom video mode (I called mine “Cinema 2k”). Set the resolution and aspect ratio as you had specified. Save the custom mode and then make sure it is the selected mode.

  2. Import clips. I don’t have any clips with that aspect ratio, so I used the crop filter to make the clip fill the screen.

  3. On the export tab, make sure you enter in the resolution and aspect ratio as you had specified.

When I followed these steps, I was able to successfully export a video with the specified aspect ratio and resolution.

Indeed… it is a way of doing it.

Now, my other problem is to find the best lossless codec that maintain the same source data specifications, like same RGB color space, same bit depth in a way that the result render don’t show gradients in the color space.
Most of them do show gradients (a simple test is to use a sky/horizon scene, like a beach sunset, to spot such gradients, due to loss of color data after render).


I have always had good luck with DNxHD. But I don’t think that supports cinema resolutions:

In the export panel, there is a list of preset options. Toward the bottom, there are some labeled “intermediate” and “lossless”. The first ones I would try are ProRes and FFV1.

Many thanks for sharing and for your interest in helping me to find solutions.

No problem. I would be very interested to hear what ultimately did and didn’t work for you.

FFV1 is the answer for me, since it maintains 4:2:2, is aspect ratio free and the files are hand-able (not massive).
Of course, ProRES is the 2nd choice but hey, I don’t like Apple very much. :wink:

Hi, have a question. I used shotcut all the time, got good at it, the only problem that i have when i make the video make out of many different videos they all have different screen sizes and after I export it the file that i have all have different screen sizes it jumps to small screen to large to medium… how do i keep all the file to have the same screen size? thank you very much