Aspect ratio calculator

Hello People,

I want to do a 1920x150 video … which is 64:5 ratio …

  1. Does anyone know how to make this count ??

  2. Does it have any problem is a issue to use 1920:150 ratio … is it will make export slower or aspect ratio does not change export time ??

This question is not clear. Can you ask it another way?

Like @DRM , not too sure what you are asking, but perhaps these will help:

  1. How to make this count? Do you mean as a number and not a ratio? If so it’s 12.8
    1920 X 1080 (16:9) is 1.7777777

  2. Will export be slower? Not necessarily.
    Export time depends on many factors such as number and type of filters applied, length of video, bit rate and so on.


Thanks for reply:

For example I want to make a video dimensions 1920 x 150 and “making the counts” the aspect ratio is 64 : 5 …

On export tab … any change on how long export last if I use aspect ratio : 1920:150 or 64:5 ?

Best is to try, there should not be much difference.

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