Aspect ratio and letterbox


So i have some videos on 3840x1600 and 1920x800 resolution I’m having problems with letterboxing, i asume the problem is in aspect ratio

When i set the video mode to automatic it gives me letterboxing again

Can somebody help?

3840x1600 aspect ratio is 16:9
1920x800 aspect ratio is 12 : 5

Can’t perfectly fit both into the same box. One of the 2 videos will show letterbox
You can use a Size, Position & Rotate filter on one of the 2 videos to make it fit in the Video mode. You’ll lose some parts of the image on the sides or the top in the process though.

Right now i’m having a problem when i export the video that is in 1920x800 in 12 : 5, there is still letterbox but in shotcut preview there isn’t any letterbox?

What are your Video mode and Export settings ?

Video mode is set to automatic
Export is from timeline with no custom preset

Are these the setting that you’r talking about?

In the export panel, activate the Advanced option and check if the resolution is the same as your 1920 x 800 video

Aspect ratio was the same as resolution, I enteed the right resolution exported again and I went to see it in ‘‘Films and TV’’ on windows it still gave me letterboxing

I don’t see letterboxing in your capture. The progress bar of the player is right under the bottom of the video image.

So this is how it should be? With black space above and from the progress bar downwards…

Yes. If your computer screen have an aspect ratio different from the video, you will see black bars.

Ok, so if i understand, while you were replying i watched a video on 1920x1080 resolution and it was full screen without black bars anywere, the reason i see black bars is because my computer has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and this wasn’t that, does that mean every video that isnt 16:9 will have black bars?

What happens to 2160p videos then will they have black bars too?

Every video that doesn’t have the same aspect ratio than your TV or monitor will show black bars when played full screen.

The size of the video doesn’t matter, the aspect ratio does. Your 3840x1600 videos fit on your screen because the video and the screen have the same 16:9 aspect ratio.

But my 3840x1638 don’t fit my screen… nevernimd, i get what you mean for instance i found some 720p and 1080p videos that fit my screen perfectly but some 1080p videos don’t, its all in aspect ratio i guess…

My pc resolution is 1920x1080 soo that mean i have aspect ratio of 16:9??
And all videos with that aspect ratio will be full screen for me?

I’m sorry for bothering you soo much, i’m new to all display things

Yes, and yes

1638 ? You said 1600 in your first post.

Anyways, 3840x1600 is 12:5, not 16:9

Ok, but then what’s happening here

Resolution is right and aspect ratio is also right… I have letterboxing on the upper side too

Yea my bad, i thought it was 1600

That means Shotcut is set at 1920 x 1080 16:9, but the video is probably not. What size is the video ?


I will mention this video I took from internet, and it already had letterboxing even if it is 1920 x 1080…
If it changes anything