Arrival (Made with Shotcut)

Happy New Year fellow Shotcutters,

AJ here with another Made with Shotcut video. I wanted to try my hand at laying down some vocals on Mikey Rukus’ Arrival entrance theme. There is a lot going on in this video. For starters, I have 18 video tracks in one Shotcut project file. In addition, I’ve got a standard intro and a rolling credits outro using Text: Rich (thank you @MusicalBox)! I only ran into one issue. Basically, anytime I would cut footage and pasted that footage into another track, I noticed that video track would move 5-10 sec. down the timeline. This forced me to go back and redo parts of the video which I had previously edited.

If anyone can provide assistance with this issue - I would appreciate it. If any of you fellow Shotcutters have questions about Shotcut or want to collab on future YT projects - feel free to say “Hi.” Thanks for watching. Keep on Shotcutting and stay safe!


Arrival (AEW Sting) Remix:

How To Add Scrolling Text In Shotcut


I like it, very professionally done. A suggestion - I’m not sure how you did the lightning effect with the STING logo, but if you had two “lightning” tracks, one in front of the logo clip and one behind it and used a mask filter it might be possible for the lightning to flash through “gaps” in the characters of the logo.

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What’s up Elusien! Happy New Year and thanks for watching. I’m not sure either. Haha! The STING logo was originally made by YouTuber silverlightsaber. I’m guessing he used 3D.

Any ideas on that issue regarding cutting and pasting footage onto another video track?


Ripple All Tracks is turned on image

That poster frame is very eye-catching.

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Poster frame?

Ah! Ripple All Tracks. Got it. And is Ripple All Tracks turned on by default when I start a New Project?


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