Array filter for motion blur

As we now know, we have to make several layers and set the time apart manually, and then blur to achieve motion blur.

Is it possible to have a array filter (like array modifier in blender). What it basically does is copy the already masked video and create copies of it in the number specified by a user, and gives a option to delay the time between each clip. Then it should have a option of “blur arrays” And “array opacity” To further customize it, and keyframable trail direction for full control. It would work as a motion blur filter without the official finished release of the actual motion blur filter.

I believe most of it can be done with filter sets, but I am not sure about copies of the clip part.

The vertigo filter and trail filter does help, but not to full extent

Hi @Ar_D , a trails filter has been available for some time now.

Trails filter

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I didn’t check it before :sweat_smile:
I will see if it has the things similar to what I said.

Edit:- I have checked it, and it is not what I was thinking of. If I apply the trail inside the masked footage, it will not go on alpha channel for me, and it has very less customization. So I believe my suggestion is still valid :smile:

Edit 2:- My wording for the filter was bad, so I have changed it from trail to array.