Are There Any "Easy-To-Understand" Tutorials For Shotcut?

Welp, the title pretty much states it: I’m wondering if there are any beginner tutorials out there for ShotCut but in a rather “condensed/easy-to-understand” form? (I know, there have probably been a few people like myself whom have probably asked a similarly voiced question before, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask anyway.) :man_shrugging:

BTW, for anyone wondering, for my particular use case, it’s not even something very advanced or demanding: I wish to use it for a music compilation video I’m working on, so nothing too fancy. And in case anyone didn’t see or notice my last post, I’ll give you the TLDR: Quite frankly, I’m a beginner editor that only knows some basics, but that’s it. I am able to learn from video tutorials out there, but I feel like some of the ones I’ve already watched are a little too advanced for me if you know what I mean…

With that being said, I would VERY MUCH appreciate it if anyone can help put things into a more simpler context for me so I can get started on my project & hopefully I won’t have any issues along the way. :slight_smile: Don’t forget to ask me any questions you might have & I will do my very best to answer right back! :+1: Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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I recommend our official training course (as mentioned on a few of our Website pages) here

I just checked out the link you provided, & appreciate it, but there is 1 small problem: For these courses, you do of course have to pay a certain amount in order to be educated on how to use it. Only problem is I can’t afford it due to my unemployment. :confused: Are there any free resources I can utilize in regards to my original question? :thinking:

The obvious choice is Help > Tutorials… in the Shotcut main menu, which leads to Shotcut - Tutorial Videos also listed at the top of every page in this forum.

@shotcut I’m aware of that. -_- I just want to know if any of your tutorials applies to what I want to do & if they’re in an easy-to-understand form? If not, then you could just SAY SO; there’s no shame in admitting it. :man_shrugging:

You can check @UbitronicsUK Shotcut YouTube Playlist
You’ll find a list of 36 Shotcut tutorials, all aimed at beginner users.


Thank you very much! :smiley: I will be sure to check them out!

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Hi @Jennings92 if you have any spefic questions after watching them, ill be happy to help further. As will many on these forums :slight_smile:

Thanks @MusicalBox for the mention!


Your videos are very good. Congratulations :clap:

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Thanks rjack I appreciate the kind feedback! If you have any more questions then let me know, I will be back on Shotcut tutorials in a few weeks to add to the playlist :slight_smile:

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Try this playlist

I have checked out some of your videos in case there was something I didn’t know when it comes to editing/using ShotCut. 1 thing I am curious about [And not sure if you touched on this in any of your tutorials. They are great by the way & pretty easy to understannd! :+1:] is how easy is it to add like some images or art to a video project? :thinking: With my project I have in mind, I’ll be adding the songs/tracks & then these art-pieces/wallpapers that I found. I assume it should be pretty easy to assign certain images to certain parts of the video? Man, I feel like I should have taken up video editing a LONG time ago, but better late than never given that this will be my 1st time…

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I think this is the video you are after, if you have any questions ill be happy to explain :slight_smile:

And goodluck with your editing, its never too late to start!

As others pointed out, there is a lot of good material out there. I found this tutorial by Kevin Stratvert very helpful to get the big picture and get started:

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