Are playlist items single use?


I’m new to SC and the forum. Have tried searching the Help, tutorials and this forum for an answer to my question which is, I suspect, basic and answered clearly somewhere I have missed.
Basically I want to know if clips added to the playlist can only be dragged to the timeline once.

What led up to this to this was my frustration with adding a still image or a colour via File other to carry some text and then having to manually edit the extremely long default clip time added to the timeline. My solution was to create a separate mp4 of pure white for 3 secs in a separate project and then open and add that to my active project. This has worked well but when I try and drag that clip from the playlist to another point in the timeline it won’t place.

Hope my question (and approach) makes sense?



No. Items in the playlist can be added to the timeline as many times as you want.

You don’t need to do that. When you create a 3 sec. mp4 that clip has a fixed duration. You can’t extend it.

It’s best to use a color clip using file other color. When the clip opens in the source viewer set in and out points using the i and o keys to set a duration for the clip. Add that to the playlist so you can use it again. Once you add the clip to the timeline you can then extend it or shrink it.

Thanks. I don’t know what steps led to me being unable to click and drag from the playlist to the timeline but it was possible again after a restart.
Thanks also for the additional guidance re adding a colour. I’ll work with that later today.

Just click on Playlist on the top.

After doing so it should show up here:

These might be in a different order for you, as you can move the tabs around.

Too many tabs/panels open? 2018-12-11_08-21-11
You can also Pop the panels out and move them around. Move them to the right side, stack them (Filters can be on top of Playlist).

And can adjust the panels within Shotcut with these. shotcut_2018-12-11_08-24-28 shotcut_2018-12-11_08-24-38 Hold down left click and drag.

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