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After finishing my project whith that amazing program, I now want to save/archive the project files and all used sources that allows me to clean up the working directory. Is there a feature to do this or is there a best practice? I tried to collect all used clips in one folder but after spending some hours on cutting, trying, showing, correcting I’m not quit sure if really ALL clips are in that folder.

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Not at the moment

For me, the best practice is to make sure that every file I use in a project is added to the project’s main folder.

I have templates for every kind of project I work on.
These templates already include all the sub folder needed in the project.

If I create a new tutorial for example, I make a copy of my Tutorial Template and rename it. Each time I create a new file for the project, image, video or audio, I immediately save it inside the project folder.

Here’s what a template looks like:


When the project is finished and the video uploaded to YouTube, I zip the folder and transfer it to two different cloud accounts


There is no actual feature, but developing a practice based on how Shotcut works will help you.

Here is documentation on Project Management works in Shotcut:

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Thank you both für your answers! :blush:


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