Arabic writing is not correct

Hello everyone, I am still learning how to edit videos. In my current project, I am trying to write in Arabic by going to “filter -> Text: Simple” now when I try to write in Arabic the words that I type come out wrong… i.e., in Arabic the letters are attached together, but when I write in shotcut they come out separated. Any idea why is this happening and whether there is a language package to be downloaded that I am not aware of?

Thank you in advance

Which Shotcut version are you using? (Help-About Shotcut)
Language setting (Settings - Language)

Which font are you using with Text Simple?
When you click on the font name, it brings up a font selection box, under “Writing System” which one do you have selected?
Clicking on that box you can choose the correct writing system.

I am using Shotcut version 20.04.12, windows and the language setting is English.
I tried what you have suggested but nothing changed (I literally spent hours trying to figure out howto fix it and I tried everything but it’s still the same)

Do you think installing an older version could help?

Could you provide a screenshot of writing that looks correct in some other program, and then another screenshot of what the writing looks like in Shotcut so we can visualize the difference?

Thank you for your replay, Arabic is a bit weird so please let me know if it’s still not clear.
I added the writing in blue (using paint) just to indicate the right spelling and the wrong one (basically when I write in the text section (on the left) the word comes out right, but on the left (where I want to display it) it comes out wrong).

Thank you

As an experiment, does it look correct if the letters are entered backwards? It looks like the text entry box is respecting the right-to-left reading orientation, while the filter that actually renders the font over the video is not. I would test it myself, but I do not have the font shown in the screenshot.

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I’m uisng Arabic to subtitle videos and works pretty good…
Double check your Language in non-Unicode programs (set it to any Arabic locale)
from Control Panel then Region and Administrative tab
and post the result…
Make sure you are using correct font and RTL direction

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I would use the Text:HTML filter and enclose the Arabic inside the “bdo” tag, e.g.
<bdo dir=‘rtl’>اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ</bdo>

The part of the GUI where input your Arabic text is handled by Qt and that knows about Right-to-Left (RTL) writing systems, such as Arabic. The Text:Simple filter calls MLT’s DynamicText filter, and (I may be wrong but) I suspect that this does not know about RTL.

HTML/CSS does know about RTL, so I would suggest using using the Text:HTML filter instead making sure you use the “dir-‘rtl’” parameter on the HTML tag in question.

Hello and thanks for replaying, I tried it and it didnt work, however, using text:HTML is working fine now

Hello, you are right, using text:HTML solved the problem.
Thank you

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