Arabic language text issue in the filters text

Windows 10? last update to 31\05\2021

Shotcut version 21.03.21

** It’s a repeated problem in the same file and in any new project file I try? when I try to write in Arabic text (right to left, connected letters) it doesn’t work. The steps
1- make a new file.
2- add an image (white background with Arabic text the correct way)
3- Put the image in the output dashboard (it will appear center of the app. I think its called the Editing screen).
4- select the image in the output
5- select filters
6- select video
7- type text (select simple text)
8- go down to the font type and select the font required ((Times New Roman) is standard windows Arabic font).
8- then go to the writing system a drop-down menu appears. Choose Arabic. On the right side, the Arabic font will show
9- then go to font style keep it regular and increase the size so the font shows. press ok to go out of the menu.
10- go to the text box and make sure you are in the Arabic mode to use the Arabic font. then start typing. (I typed in Arabic the correct sentence. in the text box it’s correct.)
11- changes the color of the font and its outline so I can see what I wrote. ( I had to remove the time code as it’s not allowing the Arabic sentence to appear.)
12- played with the horizontal & vertical fit so I can see the Arabic sentence in the outcome screen (center).

  • you can see the Arabic text but it is all in garbage mode. it’s writing the letters from left to right.
    Can you please help?

below is the link to the video showing the example

Possibly related - maybe some hints in here: