Applying filters to one area (ie. bottom left) of a video, not all of it?

Say I want to add a Blur effect to one specific part of a video, but I do not want the entire image to be blurry, just that one section (be it top left or bottom right or whatever) - is that possible?

Is my best bet to add a new video track, put a transparent picture onto that track, resize it over the area I want blurred and then add the Blur effect to that track? That probably wouldn’t even work, I guess, since it would try to Blur the transparent picture and end up doing nothing.

Are there any better ways to do this? It seems like a bit of a pain to hide things I want hidden without blurring the entire screen.

Thanks for the help!

You can indeed do this with the Mask Simple Shape filter. :slight_smile: Here is a video on how to use it:

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Perfect, thanks a lot!

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