Applying blur effect with sharpen effect crashes shotcut

It’s as simple as the title says.
Windows 7
Shotcut 18.05.08
GMA 45

I would agree that shouldn’t happen. But, aren’t those two filters working at cross purposes?


Duplicated crash.
Applied to one clip and then tried on one track.
Sharpen first then blur.

Did not crash with Blur on one clip, then Sharpen on another clip.

Win 10

I’m trying to figure out why one would want both on one clip/track. At first I was trying to make it crash using two different clips.

Happens here as well.
The crash happens only if sharpen is applied first then blur not vice versa.
Don’t get a crash message. Shotcut just disappears.

Also when the blur filter is applied after a mask filter Shotcut crashes.

This was fixed for next release: