Apply last used filter automatically, "censor" out an audio part

Hello there,

I don’t know if there’s the possibility to do this, but it will be very useful while editing.

A lot of time I have to deal with a single filter to be applied to a lot of parts inside a clip, like for example censoring an audio part by adding a beep on it. This require everytime a lot of effort - split the clip to be censored, turn his volume to zero, load a BEEP wav, put it into place, trim it, adjust his volume, again and again.

I was wondering if:

  1. is there a better way to ‘censor’ an audio part in a clip, maybe a filter I don’t know? and

  2. Is there a way to “use the last applied filter”, a key or something, just to save time? for example, volume adjust in many little clips, it will be very nice to have a “apply last filter” and simply click it :slight_smile:

May be those can be suggestins and if needed I will write them in the correct area.

Sorry if the question can be silly, I’m just a beginner and I LOVE this software so much because is so lightweight. I’m running it on a Lenovo X220, quad i5, with 16GB ram and a ssd hard disk, for very simple youtube videos.

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Hi @Asbesto. There is no special filter in Shotcut to censor audio. But here are some suggestions to remove a few steps from your process.

First thing I’d do is detach the audio from your video clip.
This will eliminate the step where you turn the volume to 0. You’ll just delete the parts where the curse words are.

You don’t need to load the BEEP clip every time. Simply add it one time in the timeline, then select and copy it. Since it will stay in the clipboard as long as you don’t copy something else, you can paste it as many times as you need.

What I would do is use Open Other > Audio Tone to create a bleep clip.
Leave the Frequency to 1000 Hz, but since it is pretty loud by default, reduce it’s Level to around -25db.


Add it to the Timeline. By default it will be 10 seconds long.
Trim it to about 1/2 a second and send it to the playlist. This way you have a copy at hands, in case it gets removed from the clip board. And since it was trimmed from a 10 second clip, you’ll be able to extend it to up to 10 seconds if you need to.

In this short example, I’ll BLEEP “How was your day” and “Good” from the dialog.

Note that in this demo I used the buttons in the timeline toolbar to split and lift (remove) and paste clips.
You’ll work faster if you use the keyboard shortcuts. “S” to split, “Z” to lift and “V” to paste.

It’s still some work, but I guess you can’t avoid it. I looked (briefly) for a few tutorials on how to censor audio and it seems like it’s done in a similar way in many video editors. Even the big ones.


Thank you for the advices! I will try them ASAP :slight_smile:


Really nice tutorial, @musicalbox. Great idea to use the Audio Tone generator. :+1:


I tried, I learned, and I’m so happy, thank you for the advice!!! <3


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