Apply a standard transition (Cross Fade) with standard length (e.g. 18 frames) to all clips

Hi, i was looking for a long time for a good linux alternative to Magix Video deluxe 2016. I have many clips - 4k / MP4, i send all clips to the timeline, after that i set one transition and the length and (that’s the point which i miss in shotcut) can now copy the transistion with its length to all clips. At the end, the cross fade is automatically changed to fade out.

The export needs much more time than Magix Video but that would be not a problem … i tested the software under Win10-64 / Intel-i7 and a love open-source projects with cross-plattform software.

Thank you for your work, i hope, this project will stay alive for a long time.


Something like that would serve to create slideshow, which would be very useful :slight_smile:

This has got my vote as well. I am writing an app that extracts motion event clips from multiple video files and exports them as a single .MLT file with 1 playlist. I am currently looking at applying the transitions from within my app but I would hold off if this looks like being on the Shotcut to do list.


I like this feature as well. I was thinking about python script which modify project to add transitions of the same length between various clips, but it would be very helpful to have this feature built in :wink:

RE I was thinking about python script

I just added this feature to an app I am writing in C# and it was actually quite easy to do. What I did was take a simple 2-clip project and add a transition between the clips. I then checked out the resulting MLT file and figured out what is needed for each transition. I can now add hundreds of transitions in C# in just a few seconds. It should be a doddle in Python as well.

This link is a good intro to MLT file format and helped me a lot.

I tested openshot V2.2 and it has this feature. You can import multiple clips and choose a standard transition in the import-dialogue. OK, i was not very successfull because the transition were all at the begin of the clips and not at the end, but im shure, this was my mistake or its a bug.

I would prefer shotcut with such a feature because its UI is more simple, for such a feature there is no need for many video-tracks.

Love to see this as well. Being able to apply a standard-length transition between all clips would be an awesome feature for putting together a series of clips quickly!

This is a needed feature. Is anyone at Shotcut listening?

Again, keep an eye on the latest discussions, on new releases and the Roadmap.

Today i tested the new 18.10. it works fine, hardware acceleration is working, but the missing feature “add a standard transition to all clips” is still missing. I have still to drag every clip over the previous clipp, the new “Ripple” helps a lot, but its still a bit annoying.

The missing feature is on “Quick tasks to do” list since many month (my originally post was 2017-01). I like the simple interface of shotcut so i do not want to switch to openshot which has the feature …

Is there a chance to get the feature ? Many thanks to the developer team for this nice piece of software.

As @Hubert noted, the “Add generic transition” is on the “Quick Tasks To Do” list in the roadmap…any way to vote for that feature?

Applying a standard transition between several clips seems like a very common use case to me, but I guess I could be wrong.

I would like this feature also. It is very common in most video editors around. It would really help to create slide shows and would speed up processes very much. Manually overlapping the parts in the timeline is very very time consuming.
As MS Movie Maker shows, just a copy and paste of an existing transition (in a first step maybe just for crossfades) to all selected clips, would be helpful.
Of course… everybody using this feature has to be aware, that the clips in the timeline are moved to overlap and the timeline is changed. If the soundtrack isnt locked, i d just would apply a crossfade to the audio.
Thats it. Not perfect, but helpful.

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some years after my first post, something happened ? I love shotcut but this feature is simply missing, its on the roadmap since years …

openshot has the feature for a long time.

Any ideas whether this feature is coming ? Thank you …


I am coming from Movie Maker as well and this feature is what I am also missing the most. It is annoying to add a transition effect to 400 single clips manually, one by one. In Movie Maker, it was just a CTRL+A to select all clips, and then choose a transition and length (in seconds, not frames - more easy when dealing with clips from different sources with different framerate settings) to be applied to all.

And in case I did a transition wrongly, it is not possible to apply a change afterwards - the video gets stuck for a millisecond or two shortly before the transition, making the corrected transition looking awful.